3 Outreach Tips to Succeed in 2016

A successful SEO outreach content marketer has more to it than what meets the eye. It takes more than just a good sense in communication and creativity to hit the mark and get an influencer by your side to publish your product content. Started from scratch myself, I know how outreach has played its role in online marketing and its evolution from the changing trends till today. If you want to take advantage of my experience, then I would recommend our SEO and Outreach PackagesHere are 3 things you should never mess-up in 2016.

1. Presenting Yourself

Presenting Yourself

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The first thing struck me the most, when it comes to outreach requests people normally don’t think very good and deploy senseless flattery. How do you expect someone to endorse your product when you are basically selling slime for words in the first place? Here is something I got a week ago from someone who wanted to bring his product to the limelight from my website,

• “Wow I was amazed how good you have managed your website”
• “It has every piece of information I needed”
• “Your providing a great experience to your audience”
• “I would be honored to work with a blogger of your expertise”

Now this guy, totally carried away!
Be sensible in showing appreciation as long as it doesn’t mix up with buttering up your ego and maybe, it will give the blogger a sense of passion about your product as a result of any good link building service.

2. Creating Suggestions

Creating Suggestions


Another cardinal mistake that most content marketers commit is asking you to do their job. In recent email I came across another blogger who asked me to feature his product on my website. Something like this,

“Hi, visited your blog and it was totally amazing. Can you please suggest a few ideas for the article I can use?”

I feel used. Not just used but kinda forced to make something happen because the other guy is either too lazy or incompetent to do it himself.

This not only reflects your motives as an attention getter, but also puts you on a weak position even if your Guest Blogging Service is accepted on my website. Always suggest your ideas first because its not rude at all – if that’s what your thinking. Make an impression so the mutual understanding can begin.

3. Calling on the Right Time

Ref: www.greattastesshow.com

You have to be very cautious in this step, because picking your phone and dialing up a no. you just saw on the internet might creep out the blogger – enough to block you forever.

To avoid this fiasco and lose a potential Guest Posting site, always exchange a couple of emails before shooting up on the phone.

However, at times a phone call can become a crucial part of the process especially when both parties are over the fence.

Here are a few reasons why

• When you have agreed on the terms but there is something holding back the blogger, a phone call can persuade otherwise
• It gives you the opportunity to respond to ideas in real time rather than queuing it on emails and waiting for approval.
• A phone call can be just the right vessel to convey your concerns when ideas have personal value
• Many outreach marketers avoid this, so there is your go in reaching our uniquely to the influencer.

If you are looking for more detailed guidance in outreach, then I would like to refer you to my Practical Guest Blogging Guide.

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