5 Techniques to Generate Response for your Outreach Emails


Outreach for Link Building is the fundamental element of any marketing campaign or business promotions nowadays. Although social media may be an interactive platform to get your message through cyberspace, email still remains a form of personal correspondence on the internet. Outreach emails are excellent to generate backlinks and convince clients for business opportunities, but composing an effective outreach email remains a complicated task.

Simply composing an email detailing your plans and requesting the contact to do as you please isn’t going to cut it at all. For outreach to work, you have to step in the shoes of your contact and think from their perspective. Consider their stakes, their intentions and what they expect to gain or receive from you in return for their assistance.

Let us review the 5 usual mistakes of creating outreach emails and how to resolve them.

1. Personalize your Email; Don’t Template It

Outreach emails are supposed to be of personal correspondence to gain contact attention, so the worst possible offences include using general email templates to refer to your contact. Starting with “Hi” or “Dear Sir’ is unforgivable as you will immediately lose contact interest. Your contact will straight away view such emails as autogenerated emails and will not even bother reading through them, however solid the pitch and content may be.

Research onto whom you are sending email to. Get to know about them and what kind of content they are looking for. Email them something you liked about their content or work and what caught your attention. This exhibits that you have known the contact and have not just contacted them out of the blue, which in turn will get the contact curious about you. As such, they will reach out to you as well for the interest you have displayed in their content.

2. Don’t Place all the Burden on Them

Don’t Place all the Burden on Blogger in outreach

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Prospective contacts aren’t just on your radar: they are being eyed by many other parties as well. This means that they are dealing with a lot more outreach than you may be thinking of. Even if they are not busy, it is appropriate to not push your luck with contacts.

If you ask too much from them, they will rethink about acting on your email however high quality the content may be or finesse in its composure. For example, if you ask your contact to review your content, give you feedback and then evaluate if it is appealing for the target audience, you are stepping boundaries. The blogger will question your abilities, thinking that if you are unable to even see if the content will appeal to audience then why should they be interested in your email?

Instead, choose to present yourself appropriately and ask only the basics from your contact. Offer your services to them and sell yourself as a product. Give factual reasons why your content is of high quality and how they will benefit from it. Mention that you are willing to retrofit the content so it may be suitable for them to use.  This minimizes effort the contact has to invest for content, displays genuine interest in them and grabs their attention to generate a response.

3. Don’t Lie; Be Honest

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Many outreach emails are composed to sound like the sender has been interested in the contact for a long time or known them for some while. While some claim to be huge fans and others label themselves as ardent followers, they almost always end up lying. A simple search would reveal they are neither subscribers nor is their name on any comments.

Such emails not only end up getting rejected altogether but as a future reference, the contact will abstain from interacting with you as well. To avoid such complications, prove your claims when you mention them. If you are a follower, then mention something about their previous content and what you liked about it. Mention something you shared on social media about their content and the response you received from it.

This builds trust with the contact that they have been genuinely contacted from an interested party rather than someone who searched for top prospective clients and created an outreach email in a bid for a sales pitch. Faking interest in the contact will mostly backfire, so develop a level of understanding from them and build on it.


4. Reason Why Your Content is Worth It

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It’s a fact that high value contacts are being pursued by many more people than you, so don’t be alarmed that your emails are not specially viewed. Instead, you can create your emails in such a manner that they captivate the attention of your contact and convince them to view them. Now, how to achieve this?

Many other SEO service providers will be sending emails, so yours should stand out. Supply statistics and reasons why the contact should choose your content over the multitude of others who are willing to provide them. Reason why your content is better suited and why they will benefit linking with it. Take care not sound desperate or boastful; keep your tone reasonable and willing to adapt according to contact’s wishes.

 5. Build Relationships and They will Pay Off

Any link building technique, for example skyscraper technique require quite the outreach to generate results. On average, you will have to send 1,000 emails to generate 50 to 100 confirmed links, which is a good turnout rate.

To eliminate blind targeting, reduce the amount of overall work and generate long term contacts, don’t opt for cold outreach and instead try to introduce yourself to the contact before you start asking for favors. There are several ways you can accomplish this without seeming like a stalker

  • Introduction from mutual contacts: Have a mutual friend or someone from their circle you know introduce you and comment, give feedback and appraise their content so they may be familiar with you.
  • Prove your worth through skillset:Your skills are your biggest asset, so convince the contact that you are of use to them. Handling a few Photoshop requests or updating graphics on their website or blog is an effective manner to self-introduce and gain their interest.

If you are going to do it, do it right

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Email outreach might serve as a highly effective method of outreach, but it is just as good as you apply it. It has the potential to generate backlinks and get you exactly what you want, but most people in their outreach campaigns fails to achieve their targets.

The reason is that the outreach has been performed without keeping in mind such points as mentioned in this article. By following these 5 easy techniques, you can be sure that not only will you win your contact’s attention, but will convince them to generate backlinks for you as well.

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