7 Deadly Outreach Sins of Manual Link Building

Outreach is no easy task and SEO service providers are always offering their services via emails to potential sites which may benefit from their expertise. However, almost all these emails are automated spam and only end up causing discontent towards the service providers. Moreover, it causes confusion for genuine, human responses which also get ignored as a result.

Due to this, manually analyzing the potential website to reach out to is critical for bagging sites which will be worth the effort. To avoid wasting efforts in outreach, simply avoid the following 7 errors that amateurs tend to fall for.

 1. Performing Outreach to contacts which own the same Content as you

Don’t make the mistake of approaching your contact with the same content that they have access to and are already making use of. The contact will simply refuse your offer because they do not require your services or content on their website because they already own a resource to fill that niche.

Always do your homework thoroughly on your outreach contact before you approach them with an offer. Analyze their content and make sure what you are offering is both unique in nature and uncompromising in quality.

 2. Your Outreach Contact’s Name Matters

It is common practice to address the outreach contact generally as sir/madam/webmaster, which makes it easier to target them respectfully without seeming to address the wrong person. However, the general moniker is also symbolic of auto generated emails which are sent blindly to numerous contacts.

Addressing the contact casually or in the wrong manner can prove to be just as problematic. Identifying the correct name of the webmaster is a difficult site on many sites and pinpointing which one you are addressing from the list which they publically display can prove to be challenging. Under such cases, it can be understandable to use a general term such as “webmaster” to address your contact.

Under all circumstances, double check the name to which you are addressing your mail before you send it. Be precise and address your contact by their proper name respectfully instead of choosing to go for first names and general monikers. If you fail to do so, your mails will find their way straight to trash and you will have no future expectations from that contact.

manual link building mistakes in contact

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3. Performing Outreach to people of your Field

When your outreach contact is of the same field as you and you wish something from them, it displays an unprofessional attitude and tarnishes your reputation. It portrays you as someone who is relying on automation to send their messages blindly to the masses and has done no homework on their outreach contacts. Not only does it offend them, but it places your credibility at risk. Any forthcoming offer, however legitimate, will not be received seriously which poses serious hazard to your future prospects.

4. Learn to let go

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again does not apply in this field. If an outreach contact has refused services or is not replying to emails, don’t spam them to generate a response. Because that response, when sent will most likely be a negative one or worse, there will be none and their will forever develop an unprofessional reputation regarding you.

If a client is convinced, they will naturally contact you regarding services. Follow up emails are a professional way of checking in on the contact if they are interested in the offer but pushing your luck with them is just as hazardous.

As the saying goes, first impression is the last impression. Approach your outreach contact with a strong pitch and convince them from their point of view. Make sure not to overstep boundaries and convince them in your first try, which is the safest route to secure a contact.

5. Know your Contact’s Position within their Organization

Perform a bit of background research on your contact before you send them your emails. Determine their rank and position within the organization they are affiliated with and make sure to address them keeping that in mind. For example, sending a survey form intended for an employee to the boss of an organization is a mistake which can be easily avoided with simple background checking on your contacts.

In case you are unsure about your recipient, construct your emails in such a manner that they can be perceived by anyone within the outreach organization without causing discontent. Remember to include who the mail has been intended for, apologize if it has been sent to the wrong person and request it to be forwarded to the intended contact if it has been received by the wrong person.

know your contact person position for blogging

 6. Don’t Stray from the Topic; be Objective Oriented

To build links through outreach, your email needs to get your message through to your contact without distorting it or sounding impolite. This requires convincing the contact to accept what you wish them to do, which necessitates that your objective appeals to them on a personal level.

Take care of the length of the email. Make sure it is not so long that it ends drones on and on until the client loses interest and at the same time is not so short that it sounds downright rude. To get just the right length of email, remain objective oriented and compose your email based on conveying that to the client while standing in their shoes.

Convince the client from their perspective why they should listen to your request and what is in it for them or what you have to offer. If you successfully convince them, there is no reason for them to refuse your request.

 7. Don’t land your Links on Dead Sites

Your reputation matters from both the perspectives of being an outreach contact and SEO service provider. As a service provider, if you are providing links on dead sites, your outreach contacts will generally avoid you as your services are subpar to competition. As an outreach contact, if you wish links to be added to a dead site, it sounds just as absurd because it will not only tarnish your reputation but of the SEO service provider as well.

Don’t land your Links on Dead Sites

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Outreach: A Mutual Benefit

Always keep in mind the number of emails that you receive and the ones which you actually pay enough attention to read. It is a first-hand perspective about the same situation about outreach and link building. In order to be successful in link building through outreach, always offer the client something to gain from their efforts and keep the deal mutually beneficial so both parties can build a long lasting relationship.

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