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How Florida SEO Expert Can Help Grow Your Local Business

The internet contains a vast pool of information, which can easily distract a person from the true purpose of their online searches. Due to the tremendous amount of information and online competition, businesses also struggle to gain online visibility. However, this problem can be countered by using local SEO. Many Florida-based family restaurants have found greater success in attracting local customers after hiring local digital marketing and SEO agencies to run their marketing campaigns. A Florida SEO expert has a good insight of the local SEO ranking factors according to the region. Moreover, since the local search results are liable to change more quickly others a SEO expert with a familiarity with the competition is better equipped to handle the campaign. Despite the advantages of local SEO and its impact on search engines, there are still many region-specific businesses that have no idea what local SEO is about and how it can improve their ranking in local searches.

What Is Local SEO?

Most business owners are unaware that local SEO is very different from an average SEO campaign. Sure they might have some similar ranking factors but their weight-ages are different, and the campaigns have vastly different objectives. Local SEO has the goal of optimizing the website so that your business appears in the top search engine results on local level, according to the user intent. For example, it won’t be very useful for the local Cuban Restaurant in Miami, Florida if their business listing appears in Missouri. The Google search engines are designed to sift through the tones of listing and online directories to display business results according to local intent (along with perhaps some organic results).

With an increased usage of mobiles and better connectivity services, people frequently use their mobiles on-the-go to look up local restaurants, hotels, salons, medical service providers and businesses from numerous other industries. The rise in number of searchers going online (and especially using mobile devices) to lookup businesses in their local community, has taught businesses to adapt as well. To make the most of local SEO, there are numerous strategies and online platforms available with which you should be familiar first. At this stage, an experienced local SEO expert (for example a Florida SEO expert for the Cuban Restaurant stated above) can make all the difference between establishing a niche in the growing industry for your business, and blowing the marketing budget on an ineffective campaign.

Who Is Local SEO for?

From the above examples it might seem that local SEO only works for small businesses. It’s true that local SEO can especially help small business operate on a level playing field against their competition. However, local SEO also work for any business that has an address (i.e. NAP) and operates in a certain region, with the need to attract local customers. This is why there’s been a rising trend in the usage of local SEO integrated with organic SEO. Most people search for a business online before they make a visit. However, if you don’t have a place online, such as a local SEO optimized site, then you will naturally lose those customers and your competition might take advantage of the opportunity.

How Can a Florida SEO Expert Help Your Local Business?

The 3-pack or SERPs list for a long tail keyword search – such as “best bakeries in Florida” – is not a coincidence. The search engine results may be credited to a Florida SEO expert who was hired by one of the businesses in the question to increase their search engine ranking. Local SEO experts are experienced in the world of NAPs, directory listings, Google maps, Links and citation building, customer reviews, local packs and long tail keyword used in local searches (i.e. geo-tagged terms), etc. Their local SEO skills give these experts the edge increase the search visibility of business that also have a physical presence.

Example: Lawyers in Florida

The legal niche industry in Florida has produced a highly competitive market. Florida is among the areas in United States with the highest number of employees in the legal industry. Consequently, the region is crowded with lawyers and law firms, resulting in tougher market competition and competitive pricing in comparison with the other states. In order to standout in this industry, one requires radical local SEO techniques and out-of-the-box thinking to show up in local searches. A Moz study shows that legal businesses in locations like Florida are liable to some unique factors that can influence their rankings. While the study indicates that a top few websites (with multiple locations) continued to dominate local searches, there were 20 percent unique cases as well. For Example, local legal business by the domain name injurylawyers.com mostly operates in Florida. Apart from its local presence, the website’s overall performance can be also credited to its ranking. Such businesses often do better by hiring a local company or Florida SEO expert to run their campaign, since they have more familiarity with the terrain of local SEO in the region.


Important Local Ranking Factors

There are over 200 ranking factors that contribute to visibility in searches and local pack rankings. Following are some of the important factors in terms of local SEO:

  1. Links

Ever since Google rolled out its Pigeon update, the significance of link has increased in SEO; and it also remains relevant in local SEO. In organic SEO, both page- level and domain-level link signals have substantial impact on search engine the rankings. Things can be slightly different in Local SEO, since location is given preference over traditional factors – especially in niche industries.

  • Location-Specific Links: Links from a niche authority source relevant to your location could be immensely helpful in improving rankings.
  • Links from Authority Sites: You may have to work harder for these and create something well-deserving of getting an organic, editorial link from high authority sites.
  • Niche-Industry Links: A Link from a site that is relevant to your business (such as link to industry-specific section in a local directory, industry-specific sites, or anything topical) can help give you the jump in rankings. A database on well-ranking competitor websites could be useful here.

So build local directory links, social media links and get links from high authority niche website.

  1. Website Signals

It is common knowledge in the SEO world that traditional website signals hold a significant weightage in influencing the Google My Business page rankings. Organic SEO factors, such as usage of target keyword and their consistency throughout the page still matters. In its new updates, Google again highlights the importance of using the keywords in the page title, H1 tag, as well as the first and last phrases of the content.

  • LSI Keyword: It is encouraged to use various LSI keywords get around keyword stuffing; and since this is a quality indicator it may help your website rank well in local search results.
  • Keyword Density: Do not repeat the same keyword throughout the text, since Google frowns upon overloading keywords. Keep keyword density to 1% or less.
  • Title Tag: Beginning the title tag with the main keyword – makes it more relevant according to local searches.
  • H1 Tag: It should contain the main keyword, which is similar to the page title and happens to be relevant to the content.
  • In case you have several pages according to the distinct category of your product/services, include the main keyword of that specific category in the corresponding title tag.
  • H2, H3 Tags, etc.: Take full advantage of these features to effectively structure your page and give Google an idea of what your main/supporting topics are. Your h2 tag will serve as a subheading, containing closely relatable keywords to the h1 tag. The h3 tag will function as a subheading to the h2 tag, and that will be the general hierarchy in accordance with the importance of said tags.
  1. GMB Factors:

Google My Business signals had a strong showing in the ranking factors; hence this should be among the businesses’ top priorities. It includes factors such as: photos, reviews, and having an owner-verified profile. Experts differ in their opinion over the impact of these factors on the rankings, or whether business profiles get more views and attract increased user engagement since they already rank so well on search engines. Still it won’t hurt to make your contact information, address, and opening hours available to prospective customers. When claiming your business and setting up the Google+ Local page, see it you’ve complete dthe following steps:


  • Optimize Business Page To Include Referencing Keywords: page title should include the brand name. Including referencing keyword and location can be especially helpful. However, make the process as natural as possible so that it is readable for users and search engines.
  • Use of Main Keyword in Brand Name is considered to be a top ranking factor.
  • Use The Correct NAPs and Web Address, In A Consistent Format: NAPs citations are among key local SEO ranking factors. NAP citation from authority sites and relevant sources are given greater importance.
  • Assign Your Listings In The Right Category.
  • Create a high quality cover photo and upload relevant images
  • Include a comprehensive (but to-the-point) description of your business
  • Schema Markup: Adding rich media can increase user engagement.
  • Encourage Customer Reviews: Reviews help to give potential first-time customers a feel of your business; and they also help standout your business from the competition.
  1. Citations

The accuracy and consistency of citations is extremely critical to your local business rankings. A decent volume of listings for your business with consistent NAP and a link back to your website is extremely important for local map rankings on search engines like Google.


Local SEO may seem like a field for expert SEOs but developing a basic understanding of the process can also help business owner’s to more openly describe their business model and goals to professionals/SEO agencies. It’s never too late to learn something new, especially something that’s here to stay and has a huge impact on your business rankings.


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