Improve SEO With These 11 Guaranteed Link Building Techniques

Website ranking on search engines determines how successful a website will be and link building is the backbone upon which rankings are built around. Back-links is a sure way to win the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game but it’s not everyone’s game either. If played surely, back-links will result in higher rankings on search engines. With the slightest mistake, advanced search engines such as Google which are equipped with intelligent algorithms will not hesitate to mark it as irrelevant and remove it from popular results. If you are looking for High Quality Link Building Service with latest techniques, then Marketing Wind is here to help you.

Web spamming became a popular way to increase boost rankings but Google launched updates to reconfigure search results which would remain unaffected by spam. This means mainstream approaches such as directories and bookmarking is no longer feasible. Even so, high quality back-links still play a significant role in determining website rankings.

Quality back-links are comprised of 3 factors:

  1. Reputation of website
  2. How relevant they are to search
  3. Verifiability

By properly handling these factors, link building can be implemented effectively to boost site rankings on search engines. Let us analyze each of these factors separately to recognize how to suitably handle them.

1. Reputation

reputation management - Improve SEO with these 11 guaranteed Link Building Techniques


 Website rankings determine how popularly a website is searched. Moreover, it demonstrated how relevant it is to searches and its reputation as a website which served as the solution when searched. Such authoritative websites feature a high quality link profile and generate backlinks from multiple webpages instead of a single URL. Wikipedia, CNN news and ESPN sports are excellent examples of such websites.

Reputation and authority can be established by publishing content on website which is unique and unfeatured on competitor websites. Take care about its quality and verifiability as it will determine how well the content was rated by users. Adding statistics and data to supplement facts is a sure way to increase the value of content.

2.      Relevancy

5 Relevancy - link building techniques


Links should always point towards sites which are relevant to the topic being searched. Such links should be helpful for users and show them different aspects of related searches for their query. Give though about where the link will land the user and if they will find it helpful or not to anticipate their reaction.

3.      Verifiability

SEO links will stay permanently


Instead of spamming dozens of links, opt for reliable and trusted links whose webpages are verifiable and their content can be trusted. This can be achieved by adding links of websites which provide statistical figures and data with infographics which can be easily viewed.

11 Useful Techniques for Link Building

Link building requires strenuous planning and finesse in deployment, but the results are worth the effort. Following are 11 link building techniques which will prove beneficial in increasing the ratings of your webpages in popular search engines such as Google.

1. Identify Competitor Back-links

Identify Competitor Backlinks


 It’s a dog eat dog world in today’s competition and the only way to stay in the game is to always be one step ahead. Be aware of your competitors’ common backlinks and take advantage of them too. On such online marketing tool is SEMrush which is highly efficient in delivering on this matter.

2.      Resource Links

Resource links - seo link building


Whenever a user wishes to check the verifiability of content, they will turn towards resources to evaluate accuracy of facts. To stand uniquely among competitors, you will need to create resource which is different from the rest. In case you are covering SEO Link Evaluation, you will need to create content relevant towards link evaluation tools, basics, DIYs and case studies to prove their verifiability. Next, reach out to people to share you resource on their website. With unique and high quality content as your resource, people will start giving backlinks towards your website as a result.

3.      Skyscraper Technique

Skyscrappers Technique - link building techniques


Skyscraper approach finds its way in these 11 techniques due to its simplicity, uniqueness and reliability in producing higher success percentage when implementing SEO. First off, search a successful link which provides high quality and relevant content regarding what you are covering. In its competition, generate content which is fresher and greater in quality. Contact people who are linking that content and inform them about your content. Fresh, unique perspectives are always highly rated which makes skyscraper technique successful in generating backlinks.


4.      Dead Backlink Recovery

broken link building techniques in seo


Whenever there are modifications to the website which involve removing or changing pages, they end up creating dead backlinks with Error 404. Identify these dead backlinks using webmaster tools. You can reconfigure to direct queries in your direction by providing healthy links to your website.

5. Natural Guest Blogging

guest blogging - seo link building techniques



Spamming used to be an easy way to increase ratings, but recent crackdowns and advanced search algorithms of Google have made it a thing of the past. Natural Guest Blogging is another way to generate backlinks. Blogging on social media to spread work of your webpage is a guaranteed method to garner attention of people and generate backlinks.


6.      Captivating Infographics

Infographics link building seo


Lengthy text always ends up boring viewers whereas infographics are the perfect method to deliver your content and capture the attention of viewer. Infographics are visual descriptions of content consisting of images, bar and pie charts and many other forms visual graphics which translate lengthy content into concise and relevant information. Generate captivating infographics and ask bloggers to give backlinks for it, which will increase your page ratings on search engines.


7.      Provide Content in Unique Manner

Provide Content in Unique Manner


Content isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when you are looking towards leaving your competitors biting the dust. eBooks, basics, Do It Yourself manuals are the keys towards establishing your exclusivity in the market which is highly valued by users. People will automatically give backlinks when you provide material which is unique in nature and high in quality.

8.      Give Backlinks with Mentions

brand mentions - seo backlinks service


When your webpage is referred on another website, make sure that they also provide backlinks to support it. You can search using Google Alerts to find where your name has been mentioned on the internet and request the webmasters to also give backlinks with your name.

9.      Broken Link Building

broken link building seo technique


Help me, help you. The same case applies towards broken links. This method involves searching pages with broken links by entering popular queries in Google which are related to your business. You can run broken link checker plug in freely to identify Error 404 broken links and create content for them which is relevant. After that, you can email the webmaster a request to change the link content.

10.  Use your Product as a Platform

Use your Product as a Platform link building


In case you are selling products, use it as a platform to generate backlinks. Identify veteran reviewers and request them to rate your product as opinions from such entities are highly rated and viewed by users. Ask them to promote your product by providing backlinks in exchange for publishing their review about your product.

11.  Lists never grow old

lists never grow old


Creating lists relevant to what you are covering is an effective way to deliver your content precisely and give a brief overview of it in just the title. Such content is often highly rated due to its impeccable format and success in precisely detailing the contents in a simplified manner.


Backlinks for Stronger SEO

backlinks for stronger seo


 Link Building is the crux of improving your standing on search engines and generating a loyal social media following to support your webpage. By utilizing the techniques mentioned above, you can guarantee that your page will always be ahead in competition and will generate higher search ratings. Stay ahead of the competition with these tips and keep your webpage on a high search result standing with these helpful techniques!

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