Leading your Link Building Campaign in the Right Direction

Email outreach is heavily embedded in most online marketing campaigns nowadays. It is one of the most demanding tasks leading to the acquisition of a sustainable high quality backlink. Hence, outreach has the power to determine the future and outcome of any link building campaign.

All outreach campaign targeting the acquisition of high-traffic generating backlinks with long-lasting prospect require some sort of human correspondence. To ensure the success of your pitch, it is important that you present a persuasive argument while offering something worthwhile in return to the target audience and website. So, the success of a link building project comes down to two principle factors: pitching a well-grounded and well-reasoned outreach.

Research Your Audience, Target Site

how to reach your target audience

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Most of the time, one-on-one interactions and creative composition of the message overshadow the rest of the link building process.Many hours are sent on drafting compelling emails, with most inventive subject lines and carrying a sublime outreach message. However, a clever template for outreach emails can only get you so far and you will often need more convincing to sell your campaign.

That’s why the first step to an efficacious link building outreach project is timely preparation and an in-depth research of the target audience as well as site. Preparing ahead of time and having a true value to your message will help you create a persuasiveemail when you are ready to establish contact with bloggers, reporters, and website owners.

Before designing an outreach campaign ask yourself these questions – what is your target audience? What is the significance of the site or prospect and try to understand their motivations? These queries will help you map out whom to contact, what tone to adopt in your message and how to market yourself in your outreach campaign.

Know Your Selling Points


Now that you’ve rounded-up your research, it’s time to present the data in a manner that will be agreeable to the prospect. The blogger, journalist or site owners are more likely to give a positive response to your outreach email if you offer some value in exchange for the link. Try to see things from the perspective of your prospect’s audience.

To achieve this, start by analyzing the complete marketing presence of the site. Keep yourself up-to-date with new marketing strategies, services, content and products that you can incorporate in your link building outreach. However, only recognizing these patterns will not assist you in a successful outreach campaign.  You should also have a firm grasp of why resources are important to your prospect/audience. When you are able to realize the tone of your brand and the value of what you are marketing, it becomesinherently easier to convince others to link to your page.So, do a little research – narrow down your target audience and recognize the places where they have the most online presence. Make the process a tad bit easier by a rough profile of your target audience based on the following features:

  • Demographics
  • Client needs and issues that require some sort of solution
  • Their views and interests, etc.

These communities and websites will be the ground-zero for your link building outreach campaign.

The process itself is self-explanatory. If you are successful in defining your value to the prospect in terms of the benefits they or their audience receive, consider your mission half-way accomplished in persuading obtaining a link to your page.

Recognizing the perfect Prospective Websites

how to reach your target audience

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Now that we’ve run a detailed analysis of our own branding and marketing strategies, it’s time to do develop a better understanding of the target prospect. These sites are home to the audiences that will find your link worth their time and in line with their own interests as well. As with most tasks pertaining to link building, the key here is relevance – of the audience to the link and vice versa.

Go through each aspect/feature of the website, while keeping in mind it’s total online marketing presence. See if your research helps answer questions such as:

  • What is the purpose behind the site’s existence?
  • The type of audiences this site draws and what content is available to them (podcasts, blog posts, videos, etc.)?
  • How does the target site generate income?
  • Does the site have existing connections with other sites?

Your outreach has a higher likelihood of success if the value of the link is transparent and genuinely in benefit of the site. Make sure that the prospective site isn’t already working with other pages/sites that are already fulfilling that role. However, if you stumble across some vaguely relatable competition try to remember their names; and ensure that you are able to communicate to the prospect how the offer differs from that of your rival. Also, if possible give your prospect an explanation to why you believe your link can provide the most value at a certain location.

Be Respectful and Grateful towards the Prospect

Polite manners can take things a long way as well as increase the odds of your outreach being properly heard-out. Remember to be appreciative of the person who is entertaining your pitch as future of your outreach rests in their hands. That person, who is possibly responsible for granting you a backlink, is responsible inspecting your outreach proposal to ensure that it is relevant and beneficial to the site.

This is where one-to-one correspondence, people skills and clever writing play a big role.Right off the bat, you have to narrow down your search to the appropriate person for correspondence. The ideal person (for this purpose) will be in supervision of the specific section of the site where you hope to attain a backlink. Getting in contact with the wrong person and then being forwarded to someone else will only cloud your outreach process.

Once you’ve overcome this obstacle, try to generate genuine interactions/connections with that person. It will provide you with an opportunity to understand the person’s motivations and the significance of the site for them. You can use these details to offer a link building campaign that sees things from their perspective as well.

An outreach process that tries to establish relationships with prospects before sending in the email improves your likelihood of success. This way you can develop personal connections in the industry and increase the horizons for your brand marketing campaigns.


If you’ve done your research properly, you will have enough means to show the prospect/site that a link to your page can have value for them and their audience, while also serving in your interest. If you are aptly prepared and can offer some value, you are set to make a compelling case for obtaining valuable backlinks and establishing long-lasting connections in the industry.

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