How to Make Content Marketing Work in your Favor

Content marketing has been recognized as one of the core cruxes of a successful business and is the leading strategy to win customers. Even so, the market is swamped with so called “professionals” who have little to no idea about even the grass roots of content marketing.

In this post, the most critical elements of content marketing will be covered and their mysteries will be explained in-depth. Whether you are failing to snag customers or are looking towards marketing in the right direction, we at Marketing Wind – Link Building Service will cover it all in this post.


Planning what to Create

The fundamental struggle concerning content marketing is to create the right kind of content. The main purpose of content is to attract customers and specifically the target audience that you wish to engage. About 64 percent Business to Business (B2B) content marketers face the dilemma of producing enough interesting content for the right audience. The following infographic shows various challenges B2B content marketers face in today’s market.

In order to overcome this barrier, it is important to always keep in mind the target audience for whom the content is being created. 

challanges that B2B Marketers face


Know thy audience

It is critical to have in-depth knowledge regarding the daily struggles that your audience face. By addressing these issues specifically and offering solutions for those problems in a personalized manner, you can gain attention of these potential customers. Getting your audience to trust your brand is the stepping stone towards establishing a reliable customer base and “brand loyalty”.

It is just as important to create content which is developed to cater to personalized needs of audience. If the content is produced targeting a very wide range of audience, chances are that in the end no one will be attracted towards it. This happens because demographics are variable and developing content from them which is suitable for all customers is a daunting task.

Instead of trying to appease everyone and ending up with no one, it is a much surer content marketing strategy to target a specific audience and win them over. From the chart below, it can be seen that 47 percent Business to Customer (B2C) marketers create content designed to appeal to 2 to 3 audience types for reasons mentioned above.

Following infographic explains the percentages of target audiences that B2C strategy focuses on.

o of audiences that B2C Marketers Target


Keep in mind why the audience will interact with your business and what you have to offer them. It makes it easier to optimize business to suit audience requirements.

Not only does this allow you to facilitate the audience in convincing you can help in providing a feasible solution, it also positions you as the service providers for the next phase of providing the solution itself.

Creating the content

One of the best tools around for creating appropriate content is Buzzsumo. By utilizing it, ideal content can be created for any topic. By doing so, the end result is of a highly specialized content which appeals greatly to target audience. All that remains is to add quality to the content, make it relevant and marketing and advertisement for its promotion.

creation of content using buzzsumo tool


But using Buzzsumo isn’t necessary to create content and achieve results. Doing a little research always pays off and knowing what territory you are stepping into beforehand is an excellent method for preparation. Simply researching your competitors and coming up with either something better or which they are not providing will direct the audience towards you.

To get started, use keywords that signify important terms which customers enter looking for in Google and analyze the results. Select from among the top results, examine them thoroughly and create content which is either better than the results or is unique compared to them.

SERPs overview


Social media is among the leading platforms for marketing and advertisement, which is extensively utilized by both small scale and larger organizations. Not only that, but news travels fast on the internet and social media is the fastest source of knowing updates in content.

Following bar graph different forms of social media marketing and their usage.

b2b content marketing usage


Starting on the right content

Choosing the topic for your content is only the beginning. Creating high quality, relevant content for the topic is the main task and it can be achieved in many different ways.

To start off, analyze your skillset, your strengths and how to utilize them combined with what kind of content you will generate that the audience will feel relevant and gravitate towards.

Blogging is the most widely used form of content creation. Blogging allows easy publication of content for viewers to see and can be used by anyone. Close to 60 percent of Business to Business marketers choose this form of content creation due to its reliability in sending their message to their target audience. The following table shows success percentages of different B2B tactics and how effective they are in content marketing.



Using either their real name or keeping it anonymous. Some people might not be good in front of camera or with speech, so they can choose to communicate their message through written content.

On the other hand, some organizations or customers might find themselves in a tight spot with their budget and are looking towards sending their message and at the same time working on a budget. Written content creation is the perfect way to solve this problem.

There are 2 main points to adhere to when creating a Blog:

  1. Write to the point.
  2. The content should have eye candy to attract customer attention.

Other than that, formatting, infographics and visual imagery is fundamental to winning over audience attention.

The given formatting techniques are most widely practiced in today’s market.

widely used practice areas


Writing in a conversational tone is a strong interactive technique to engage the audience and make them feel like they are being directly addressed. The audience react in a positive manner if they feel like they are being catered to on a personal level. Moreover, the tone of the content should remain helpful, not as if you are displaying higher aptitude or boasting about knowing something the audience does not know about.

Following are some of the most effective B2B content marketing tactics.

B2B Content Marketing Tactics Usage in content Marketing


The purpose of content should be to help the user in their problem, not to display extensive information. Sub headings and headers are really helpful for readers as they can skim content and find out which content interests them the most.

Usage of images and interactive media in content greatly increases its attractiveness. Naturally, audience will be attracted towards looks first. However, using irrelevant imagery will result in audience being deceived and they will not bother to consult the article at all.


Content Marketing: Its only as good as you make it

Content marketing isn’t an easy task, that’s for sure and might feel like a directionless effort without results. That being said, it only seems so without the proper guidelines to effectively implement it. It is a highly rewarding strategy that is the backbone of any successful marketing and advertisement.

Just creating the appropriate content isn’t enough; marketing it is just as vital towards its success. With the help of this article, you will be able to create content which will be not only appropriate to your business but will get the message through to your target audience and attract them to your business. We are here to do quality content marketing for you, check our packages here.

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