Making Way through the World of Link Building Outreach

Outreach is the bread and butter for link building, allowing you to get in touch with the contacts which will provide you with backlinks. Performing outreach effectively, however, is nothing short of being labelled professional expertise and many amateurs often fall into the pit of despair when they fail to generate response from their outreach emails.

But fear not – this article covers several important facts concerning outreach ranging from how to get your clients attention to building the outreach emails effectively. After reading, you will have the basic mechanics of outreach within your grasp and will be ready to resume your efforts with renewed enthusiasm.

Why is Outreach Important?

Links form the basis for rankings on search engines. The better the links, the higher the rankings will be. This doesn’t come easy though, as their as quite a lot of effort invested in maintaining the rankings through links. From this, it can be concluded that links play as a critical factor in deciding rankings.

Sharing content on social media and simply placing it on the internet is not going to get you the links you need.For the link to be capable of increasing rankings, it is important that it appeals to your target audience and should be acceptable for your contact to give backlinks. It is a rarity for the contact to be immediately gravitated towards your content, so don’t rely on that chance circumstance.


So, How Do I make it Work?

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So, what exactly makes outreach tick? Outreach involves give and take, so to say. To gain the attention of your contact, it is imperative that you prove your worth and show what they have to gain from you. If you are looking towards earning a link from your contact, you have to give something of value back to them too.

In order to do so, you will have to build a personal relationship with your contact at some level. It doesn’t matter from what medium you approach your client: social media, internet, phone, email or personal meeting, all these are viable options to get to know them. Getting to know each other builds a long term relationship which guarantees greater link building for future prospects and is works great for the long run.

Building a relationship isn’t enough, as you have to provide content worth the value of your contact’s interest as well. The link is the currency for determining the value of what you are providing and unless your content isn’t attractive, even your known contacts will politely refuse your link.


What Does Value Mean?

what does value mean in guest blogging outreach


Value is a pretty broad term when referring to link building. Its meaning can be interpreted as how much it will boost the image of your contact, issues that will be resolved as a result and the quality of the content you are providing to your contact.

Put simply, value is whatever the contact is looking for, hence it is determined by their circumstances, so remember to think from their perspective and understand what they are looking for. The not only should the link carry the value they are looking for, but your pitch should be professional and refined to catch their attention.


Here is What Defines Value

There are various factors upon which value is dependent and you can furnish your value by making sure these aspects are handled properly.

  • Uniqueness: Within the cutthroat competition of link building through outreach, it matters greatly how unique your content is. If you are able to differentiate yourself from what your competitors are offering with high quality content, then you will definitely turn heads towards you. Your contact will be willing to consider your outreach email if your content is of high quality because they will have something to gain from it.
  • Infographics: Content takes time to be read and processed, but infographics are not only interesting but convey your content in a swift, efficient manner. It takes less time to read and are great material to boost rankings. For example, in information and technology field infographics are useful to depict market trends and such data. However, the information supplied by infographics should be accurate as invalid data can pose serious threat to your reputation.
  • Guest Content: Even though Google is somewhat against guest blogging, it is still a powerful asset for backlinks. To make it work for you, the content being provided should have the value that the contacts are looking for. From that point, it will be easy to convince them that they content will sit well with their target audience and will be equally beneficial for them.
  • Your Contact’s Reputation: It is always important to approach the contact while keeping this factor in consideration. Don’t ask them to take a risk too big and be sure that the content you are providing is of high quality and factually sound. Moreover, the content should add positively to the profile of your contact. This way, they will be more inclined to include it, answer to your outreach and provide backlinks.




The harder the effort, the bigger the reward

link building outreach is difficult seo part



Outreach for link building is not child’s play, so don’t be disheartened when you aren’t getting the response that you wished for. If you are not getting the responses you desire then adapt, evolve and change your tactics. Understand what the contact is in need of and give them what they are looking for. By working on the principles covered in this article, you can be assured to have your contact willing to consider your outreach and accept your request.

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