Marketing Wind Shows Appreciation For Clients with First Clutch Review

Is your company looking to break out in the highly competitive online landscape? You’ve come to the right place.


The team at Marketing Wind is full of dedicated, professional SEO experts that can help businesses improve their company’s visibility through our advanced SEO strategies. 


Since 2015, we’ve focused on services on delivering the best SEO support, content marketing, and digital strategy to small businesses. 


As much as we appreciate our clients, we’re now humbled to say that the feeling is mutual.

We’ve received our first verified, 5-star review on Clutch!


Based in Washington, DC, Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform for the B2B industry. Their team has a one of a kind ranking formula to compare and contrast B2B companies on a number of factors. Their work helps interested companies match up with suitable partners. As a rapidly growing startup, Clutch has become a go-to resource within the space because of their detailed review processes.


The review process at Clutch is transparent and reliable. Clutch’s team looks at a company’s quality of work, cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and more when evaluating projects. 


Take a look below:



An internet platform hired our team to improve their organic traffic. We started with a technical review of their website, ensuring that everything was documented to find the best ways to optimize their platform. Our team of SEO professionals also found outlets to increase their ranking. 


Within three months, their company’s revenue increased significantly! We’re still working with the client today, finding more ways to increase their success within their industry!


“We had an increase in revenue of around 150%!” – CEO, Internet Platform


“They’re experts and know what they’re up to.” – CEO, Internet Platform


In the verified review, the client complimented us on efficient communication and project management style. They also remarked on our knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends. 


We’re also ranked on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site. As one of the top digital marketing agencies in San Jose, we’re honored to be featured on the how-to site. The platform includes leading firms and agencies to showcase their services. A spot on their company listing site increases company visibility!


We’re excited to leverage our presence on Clutch and use the platform to increase our opportunities to deliver high-quality services to different clients. If your company needs SEO help, contact our experts today!