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7 Reasons Why Your Local Business in Minneapolis Needs SEO to Start Selling

Being an SEO specialist myself, I have to be honest when I say that most businesses in Minneapolis use the wrong bait to catch their fish. In their pursuit to attract audiences and win rankings, they often ignore the untapped potential of their local niche. Getting rankings and traffic is excellent by all means, but if these visitors fail to convert into actual money then it really defeats the purpose of any business. For a City famous for its chilly winters, and Malls and fashion loving residents, online shopping is becoming an ever rising trend. It gives the local populace the ability to buy anything from Burgers to Supercars, in the comfort and warmth of their homes. With the help of technology, faster ecommerce websites, secure payment gateways and user friendly checkout methods have surfaced, giving online shopping a landslide victory over brick and mortar stores.

These trends are only to get stronger and more significant in the future to come, and that is where your business comes in. Running a local business is not as fun as it sounds. It’s a venture that confines you to a certain niche while adding constraints to your earning capacity, but that depends on exactly how to lead it to be.

Minneapolis is a wonder of academia and commerce with a literacy rate is higher than Washington D.C and home to several corporate behemoths including Best Buy, Target, General Mills and Land O’Lakes etc. With so much potential, it is hard not to capitalize on its economic topography and make the best from the local demand of products. But what exactly does it take to set your roots in your hometown and make yourself heard and approachable? The answer to that is SEO Minneapolis. Cities such as Minneapolis need local SEO to reach out to its residents and lure them towards purchasing your merchandise. Once you have claimed an online presence by erecting a website, the next step making your presence known to the niche from local SEO. Here are 5 Reasons why SEO Minneapolis is the best thing you will ever do for your local business.


  1. People are Embracing the Technology

According to a latest survey, 64% of local customers prefer looking up products on online search engines compared to the old school methods of paper directories and references from friends to find products. Since the wake of the online revolution, the tides of local marketing have turned. It has opened new doors to expand and expose small business that aim to capitalize on the local shoppers. With the historical transition of brick and mortar stores into online shopping platforms,these online stores are cost effective, easy to manage and device compatible.


  1. Intervention of Google

As customers have already begun shifting their search methods for their everyday shopping needs, Google has started playing a bigger role in facilitating the local shoppers. The influx of technology and the rising competition in the global market has provided the ideal conditions for local businesses in Minneapolis to flourish with the help of SEO. Google and other search engines are more lucrative than ever in promoting the local industry while many web directories are also listings businesses to increase their traffic. Every local business can take advantage of SEO benefits now. Since Google’s fan-named update “Pigeon”, a flood of entrepreneurs’ has started focusing on developing local SEO Minneapolis strategies despite enduring years’ ignorance to a local tangent for their inbound market promotions and campaigns. Other businesses who were already using local SEO were obliged of the update and pressed further to maximize their efforts.


  1. Local Customers Prefer Local Businesses

Customers who are eager to purchase newly released products such as the Iphone 7 prefer local shopping websites. A brand loyal customer would always give preference to local business to get faster shipping right at the doorstep instead of suppliers that take weeks to deliver. It also facilitates them with the return policy if the products fail to meet the standards or arrives damaged. It also helps build a long lasting customer – merchant relationship that can benefit the local customers with exclusive discounts, special offers, giveaways and other forms of incentives. By incorporating SEO strategies to your plan, you can ensure that when these local customers search for products on Google, yours come second to none.


  1. Use of Smartphones and Tablets

Another reason why Local SEO is thriving is because local directories such as Yelp, Super-pages, Qype&TouchLocal receive more traffic on local searches than most regional websites. With the increasing use of handheld devices, mobile internet is allowing these local searches to pull through with the highest conversion rates ever recorded. As smartphones are becoming cheaper and more common, local shoppers can easily access website get exposed to add campaigns from Google and social media channels such as Facebook. Websites are made with responsive designs to counter this growing number of smartphone and tablet users. Responsive design allows websites to become salable on every screen size, accessing those customers in Minneapolis who only use handheld devices instead of laptops or desktops. Evident to that, the number of online searches have gone up to 58% for local businesses in recent years, much of it attributed to the smartphone technology.


  1. ROI

The best part about giving your local business some online exposure is the ROI. Unlike most physical marketing methods such as newspapers, leaflets and billboards, investing on local SEO has little or no leakage of resources. Instead of overrunning your budget with materials and rent, you can use internet to thrust your content, making your marketing business savvy and cost effective.


  1. Geo Targeted Campaigns

According to latest trends, an ad posted on GEO IP targeted social media has far better chance of seeing the daylight compared to the same ad published on a local newspaper. Its no secret that local newspaper readership is in decline with almost 80% blow to its following. But the readers are not the only ones to blame here. Local businesses have also evolved their marketing strategies by cutting the extra weight through cost effective channels. Instead of buying half a page of the newspaper, Businesses can easily secure their listings on Google maps and other renowned directories free of cost and get the attention they need from the local populace.


  1. The Power of Online Reviews

Online Shoppers trust word of mouth more than anything. They value feedback of their fellow shoppers regarding products and services they have used. But that’s not it, statistics acquired in 2013 from a study revealed that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust a recommendation from a friend or a family. By adding SEO strategies in your online reviews, you can influence pockets of customers ready to purchase your products within their locality. In cities such as Minneapolis, people who shop online are fond of trusting reviews generated from their cities. It gives them a sense of security and assurance about the manufacturer as it paves the way for more leads to come for the merchant.



So to sum it up, SEO in Minneapolis can be used to achieve great lengths of success in terms of marketing and revenues for local businesses. By using the online platform to project content and exhibit your products and services, you can reach the local masses and increase your rankings on Google. A local business without an SEO plan is unlikely to hit its mark in today’s technologically saturated era. It is not only cost effective and budget savvy, but also Green and Eco-friendly.

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